Pad Drivers


Short Bristle Pad Driver - (10" - 21")

o  This general-purpose pad driver with ½”long poly bristles is used with a pad for

    stripping, scrubbing, buffing and polishing

o  A 1-½" tall riser is molded into the block for extra height for use of larger pads

o  Use with the #640PC optional pad centering device.

#620-10 thru #620-21


Long Bristle Pad Driver - (10" - 21")

o  This driver has the same features as the short bristle version but uses 1" long,
    straight, stiff poly bristles to 
cushion and drive the pad

o  Use with the #640PC optional pad centering device

#621-10 thru #621-21


Harpoon Pad Driver -  (11" - 21")

o  Harpoons are molded into a strong plastic sheet that is bonded to the pad driver

    block with riser. The harpoons hold and drive a pad

o  Popular for use on 175 RPM floor machines

o  Showerfeed holes let scrub solution feed to the floor

o  Use with the #640PC optional pad centering device

#625-11 thru #625-21


High-Speed Harpoon Pad Driver

o  The high-speed version has the same features as the standard harpoon pad driver, but

    adds a ½" thick foam pad between the pad driver block and the harpoon sheet

o  Use when buffing at 300 RPM. At higher speeds, use the flexible pad driver that the

    machine manufacturer  recommends.

o  Use with the #640PC optional pad centering device

#626-11 thru #626-21


Complete Your Pad Order Order
Rotary brushes are available in thousands of configurations. To complete your order, specify:
Bristle Type - based on your scrubbing task, cost, and expected brush life. Each type has a 3 digit name (e.g. #601 for soft nylon)
Brush Size - Brush Block Diameter -   Measure the diameter of current block, or call us with your buffer brand and model.
Mounting Hardware - this is the hardware that locks the brush onto  your buffer. Most buffers use standard clutch plates. If necessary, call us with your buffer brand and model. Special orders are filled in 5-7 days.

Rotary Floor Machine Pad Drivers
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